We have all at some time had some area of our life that we said we were going to change or even take to the next level, but for some reason, we just never made it happen.

Perhaps you pulled back too soon, didn’t follow through, made excuses or even sabotaged before we had a chance to start. Does that sound familiar?

In this podcast, Tony explains the 3 key components to creating a breakthrough:

1. Strategy
2. Story
3. State

What really stuck with me through was that their importance is in the reverse order….

So, even through strategy often comes first, it is the least important.

In actual fact, you already have access to strategies that are proven to work and yet you haven’t had success… why is that?

Tony explains that it is because your STATE and STORY have to be right! And they are the 2 things that only YOU can change!

Take building a digital business for example… we are happy to share the education we received and the strategy we have used with you but you will not succeed if your story and state aren’t right.

Fortunately, this is something you have 100% control over.

Listen to the podcast to learn how to make that breakthrough you have been talking about.

>>> PODCAST: The 3 Steps To A Breakthrough

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