You hear about them everyday thanks to social media…. Those young hipsters that are killing it in life with their innovative ideas and apps that seem to constantly revolutionise the way the world works.

They drive cooler cars than you, they make more money than you, they seem to have it all plus they are 20 years younger than you.

Can you even compete with that? ….. The simple answer is … Hell Yes! ūüôā

Any here are our 10 reasons why your 40s is the best time to start a business:

1. You Will Get To Wake Up Every Day And Feel Driven And Motivated To Succeed

Let’s start with the main reason that people in their 40s start their own business.

You¬†are done living on someone else’s terms, you¬†are ready to feel alive again, you¬†are ready to take hold of your¬†future and make it the very best it can be!

You want to jump out of bed and be excited about your day ahead. You want to work because you love what you do and you want to finally be able to live the life you have been working so hard to achieve.

Sure, it will take a lot of hard work. It will challenge you in ways you have never been challenged before. There will be many failures along the rollercoaster to success but at the end of the day you will take back the control. You will be living life on your own terms and you will be able to truly be as you always wanted to be.

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2. You Will Accelerate Your Learning Curve Like Never Before

No one wants to feel like they are being left behind. Like they are being outsmarted by the younger generation. It’s one of the top things we all dread as the years pass.

A split second decision can change all of that and by starting your own business you can put yourself back in the game! You can accelerate your learning curve like never before.

This concept of learning about technology and the online world may seem¬†daunting at first, and you may for a split second think that you may be able to avoid it. However, let me be clear. If you want to succeed in today’s economic climate, you need to embrace the opportunity that has been presented to you.

Shake free of the old way of thinking and be determined to learn today’s methods¬†to succeed in business.

Plus, keeping up with the latest technological advances on and offline will help you connect with a wider age group of people. It will give you confidence and gain you respect. People will appreciate the fact that you have the unique combination of experience and knowledge. It will keep your mind active and at the very least impress your kids. ūüėČ

3. Everything You Need To Learn Can Be Learnt Online, At Any Hour, And From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Times have changed, business has changed and there is a massive bonus for anyone who wants to or needs to learn something new. You can now identify the gaps you have in your experience and cross reference this with the tasks that you need complete to succeed, to determine what you need to learn.

Next, simply find a suitable course online to fill in the gaps.

4. You Know Deep Down That You Have To Start Working Smarter Not Harder If You Are Going To Succeed

You have seen businesses run the traditional way and you have watched as the wave of young entrepreneurs started to infiltrate those traditional workplaces. You have been irritated yourself by their unrelenting desire to make their job easier and more flexible, however you will have also seen the positive impact that this attitude can have on the workplace once they were given the opportunity to start doing a few things their way.

Deep down you know they are on to something. You know there is more to life than working endless hours to make someone else rich. You have heard about this concept of work life balance and know that its about time the scales were tipping in your favour.

Get focussed. Get clear. Take back control!

5. You Will No Longer Be Restricted To Your Current Timezone

The internet has opened up endless possibilities for businesses. Our own consulting business has clients in our hometown of Perth as well as on the East Coast of Australia and even overseas in America and the UK.

This means while you will still have to put in the hours and hard work, you can choose when those hours will fit in with your desired lifestyle.

You can travel whenever you like and your business will still run while you are away Рprovided you set it up with this in mind.

(This flexibility is¬†primarily related to building an online based business which doesn’t have the¬†usual¬† restrictions¬†experienced faced by¬†traditional bricks and mortar businesses. Our best advice is always start a business that runs immediately in the way you intend it to run in the future. If you want a portable business, then it needs to be portable from the start.)

6.  You Already Have A Huge Network

By the time you head into your 40s, you have been around the block a few times – so to speak. You will have schmoosed with some movers and shakers along the way, had coffee with people from a wide variety of industries and gathered an entourage of friends, family, extended family, colleagues, acquaintances both personal and professional, and all of them will have the same. It’s a multiplying effect… meaning you already have a massive extended network of people who will be ready – and willing for the most part – to provide support, advice and referrals.

7. You Have Experience!

Experience is one of those things that belongs entirely to you and is something that you can only get with time. Your experience in life and business is unique and no-one can ever take it away from you.

Experience is also¬†a¬†huge benefit when you’re starting a business in your 40s for a few reasons…. the most important¬†being that you know, and will have experienced first hand, the concept of cause and effect! You will also already have the skills to clearly determine what you want to achieve, evaluate the opportunities available to you, work out the steps you need to take to start making immediate progress and recognise that you will have to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

On a lighter note, you will also know when to celebrate.

8. You Know All About Responsibility And Accountability

You’ve likely got a family, mortgage or two, a car, perhaps you like to go on holiday each year. You¬†know what its like to work hard for what you have and you are prepared to do whatever you have to do to keep it and build on it. You would even love to¬†create a lasting legacy for your family.

You know the reality of what will happen if you don’t succeed,¬†so you WILL make it work!

This familiarity with responsibility and accountability will work extremely well in your favour and motivate you to achieve all the things you have been dreaming about.

9. You Can Be Clear About Your Abilities

You may have tried different jobs, perhaps dabbled in entrepreneurship before, or at least thought about it, but you can be objective enough to identify what skills you do and don’t have.

You will be able to identify your strengths – perhaps you have worked in Sales or Management in a specific industry. You will also be able to identify your weaknesses – perhaps you are new to the online business world and don’t even know where to start with building a website, marketing on social media or reaching your audience online.

Being clear about your abilities at the outset will help you to overcome any limiting beliefs… Remember, everything you need to learn can be learnt online, at any¬†hour and from the comfort of your own home.

10. You Have The Financial Stability To Support Your Entrepreneurial Journey

By the time you enter your 40s you are no longer living week to week. You have a plan; save a little, spend a little, invest a little. You have acquired assets and know that if all else fails you will be able to access cash.

There are many¬†options when starting a new business and one that we recommend for people in your position is an online business as it’s something that will provide you with immediate flexibility. You can choose to either build your business around your current job. Or¬†jump straight in, especially if you have the desire and means (for example a redundancy) to do so.

It has been proven many times over that when you have more to loose, you have more chance of success!

So, what is holding you back from getting started today? All it takes is small steps each day towards the life of your dreams.

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