20 Must Read Books To Kickstart A Business You Will Love

So, you have decided to be an Entrepreneur? Awesome! Here are 20 Book Suggestions To Help You Along The Way There are so many stories circulating about startups being built and sold for millions and in some cases billions, and more often than not by some young kid with simply a bright idea. As a result, more […]

The Science Of Getting Rich – [Free Gift]

I still remember the moment that my beautiful wife, Blanche, walked out of her study with the most stunned look on her face. I was a little puzzled. Until she grabbed my shoulder with both her arms and firmly said… “I get it!” I was a little confused, to say the least, as I had […]

[NEW] March 2016 Special Offer

Just a quick blog post today to outline an offer we are making for today and tomorrow as our gift to you as we are celebrating another smashing $15,194+ month with The Six Figure Mentors! Firstly, if you have already purchased an application to join The Six Figure Mentors, then this may not interest you. […]

6 Simple Tips For Entrepreneurs To Achieve More Everyday

Setting every day up for success sounds like a great idea, but in reality good intentions often fall by the wayside given distractions such as social media, unwanted emails, snacking habits, excess sleepiness and a lack of plan  for the day in general.

The Power Of Leverage – 5 Ways To Get More From Less

The simple concept of “leverage” has the power to get you more time, better fitness, career or business success, financial control and relationship satisfaction. Despite these benefits, however, most of us don’t utilize leverage as much as we could. Understanding how leverage works is the first step in expanding your opportunities, satisfaction and overall fulfilment.