80 Percent Psychology… Hmmmm

So, you’ve got the focus, you’ve got the dedication and you’ve got the right plan all laid out in front of you.

You’re ready to take internet entrepreneurship and all of its mastery to the next level. You’ve taken the time to find the right target and you’ve got your toolbox loaded with all the right moves.

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You’re Going To Need A Mentor

For anyone who has left the nine-to-five world, and has taken on the adventure of entrepreneurship, it can be an exiting and a scary time.

There is a plethora of information available about how to start and run a business. However, the best advice you can get is from an Internet business mentor such as Digital Life Mentors. Read more

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Your Best Year Yet Is Calling: 3 Keys To Unlock It Today

Imagine how you would respond to this greeting when you answer your telephone: “Hello! This is Your Best Year Yet calling. Are you in?”

Would you be glancing in the rear view mirror of your life, only seeing the debris? Want to unload it, travel lighter in the year that’s calling? It’s time to write new plans on your new calendar. Read More

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Finish What You Start. It’s That Simple!

Sometimes all it takes is standing up, taking a deep breath, getting clear on the end game and tackling each task on your plan until they are complete.

So why isn’t everyone a successful online business entrepreneur? If that’s all it takes, why aren’t we all reaping the rewards of the 4 hour working week and living the digital lifestyle?
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You Deserve To Tell Yourself A Great Story

Is the quality of your life directly affected by the story you’re telling yourself. In a nutshell… Yes!

Change your story, change your life! It really is that simple. But let’s dig a little deeper so that this makes a little more sense
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